Which parking services do you offer?

We offer a professional multi lingual, Meet and Greet/ Shuttle airport parking service at Alicante Airport.

How much notice do you need on my way to Alicante Airport?

If you have booked our Meet & Greet service, just give us a call ten minutes before your arrival time at Alicante Airport. If you have booked our Shuttle Service you can just arrive at our parking facility at the time you have reserved.

How will I be sure it Is Europarking Meet & Greet Driver meeting me at the airport?

All our drivers carry Europarking jackets and shirts and are easily identifiable. If you have any queries, please dial our telephone number to confirm..

Are your drivers fully covered by insurance to drive my car?

Our employees and your car are fully insured for accidents while driving your vehicle. We are insured by Allianz for all accidents while moving your car on our parking lot. Important when booking an Meet & greet contract you need to have a full comprehensive insurance on your car.

How far are you from the airport terminal?

Your car is driven directly to / from our compound which is 2 minutes from Alicante Airport.

How safe will my car be?

Security of your car is of paramount importance. Whilst your vehicle is in our care it will be manned 24/7 at our compound. We have CCTV camera’s and high fences. During the night hours we have night security and a guard dog.

How is my stay calculated?

Pre booked parking is charged per day even if you have unused some of that day. All prices shown are in Euro’s on our price list or get a quote by completing the boxes on the home page and include all relevant taxes and card charges.

Do I need to book In advance for the Meet and Greet Parking Service?

In order to guarantee your parking space it is advisable to book well in advance. Last minute bookings will be accepted but there may be some delays in our service

What happens after I have made my booking?

You will receive an on screen confirmation and we will also send you a confirmation email including your unique booking reference number and instructions.

How do you know when my return flight Is due to arrive?

We constantly monitor the flight arrival times of all flights so we are aware of the time you land.

How long does it take to return my car?

We endeavour to return your vehicle within 5-10 minutes of your call subject to local traffic conditions, any flight delays (many flights coming in at same time) or airport operational issues.

What if my flight Is delayed or re-directed?

We will be aware of any delays or flight cancellations that may affect collection of your vehicle and being a 24/7 operation we will be able to return your vehicle at any time. However it is always best to call the car park direct to notify them of any significant changes.

How can I make a booking?

Please go to reservations page and fill out the relevant details. You choose your own username and password. If you have already an account with us, please use the username and password we already have sent to you.

Will my car be rinsed off before my pick up?

Yes, this is now an optional service! Only 5€ for a basic wash (brush wash); If you would like a full car wash please let us know during the booking process. Outside car washes are great value at only 30€. A full premium in & outside car wash is 70€. ONLY interior car cleaning 40€.

Can you check my tyres and battery during my absence?

Yes we always do! We will never give your car back to you with low tyre pressure or a flat battery.

Do you offer a MOT services and pre check services for my car?

We offer MOT/ITV services for our clients. You can book this on our website during the parking booking process. We also conduct repairs on your car. We have a full repair workshop at our parking. All prices are mentioned on our price list.

What times should I give for vehicle drop-off and pick up?

Not more than 10 minutes.

Can I still make a booking without my flight number/vehicle registration/flight times etc?

Yes, you can! You can fill in the box “xxx” or none.

Can I park a camper, van, trailer/caravan or motorbike?

You can park all of these vehicles. There is a box in the reservation page where you can choose with what vehicle you come. A motor bike has a special rate, please contact us about this via email.

Do you provide indoor parking and how do I book this?

We offer indoor parking in our special indoor parking facilities. You can book this on our website and use the reservation boxes to get an instant quote.

How do I pay?

Payment at car park

You do not need to make any payment to validate your reservation; simply fill out your booking form and pay when you get to the car park (usually upon arrival). Payment methods accepted by the car park will be indicated on your booking voucher. Further options are:

  • You can make a bank transfer.
  • You can pay by PayPal during the booking procedure.
  • Payments can be made at the car park or at departures with credit/debit card.

Can a friend or relative pick up my car as well?

Of course, only make this person known by sending us an email with his ID number which the person can show during pick up of your vehicle.

Do I need to book in advance or can I go straight to the car park?

Please make always your booking preferable at least 24 hours in advance so that we can make our planning. We are a secure car park with professional staff, and before you make your booking you can access a map in order to see the approximate whereabouts of the car park. The distance and transfer time to the airport is indicated on our page, please look at LOCATION.

What about the official airport car parks?

Our private car park is more secure (guarded 24/7) and much cheaper (60-70% less), and you can guarantee your space by booking in advance which is not the case with the official AENA car park.

When will I receive booking confirmation?

We do not require payment in advance:your booking will be confirmed as soon as you fill in the booking form and click ‘Confirm Booking’.

You will receive your booking voucher by email within a few minutes of your booking being confirmed. The email will contain a booking confirmation with the car park’s address, phone number and route directions on how to get there along with instructions on how to use the service, plus terms & conditions, gps coordinates.

What to do if you do not receive booking confirmation?

There could be a number of reasons why you don’t receive confirmation:

You entered your email address incorrectly you can check and change these details by logging into your account. Alternatively please contact us and we can amend your contact details for you.

The email may have been blocked by spam filters so please check your spam/junk folder and settings.

How do I use my account?

Once you have placed your first booking,a user account will be set up for you and you will be sent a password & username to your email address.

This will make it simpler to make bookings in the future in the following ways:

  • Save time:your details are filled in automatically.
  • Save money:We strive to get you the best price for your parking, and have many exclusive deals on tariffs that you cannot get anywhere else.
  • Amendments:update information on your bookings.
  • Cancellations:cancel your bookings.
  • Information: review your bookings and resend booking confirmation.
  • Support:contact our support team, change your account details and password.

Simply go to the My Account section of Europarking and get started.

How can I make changes to my booking?

Log in to your account using the password you received by email (or the updated one if you changed it).

You can use your account to make any of the following changes:

  • Amend the dates and times of your booking(s) to increase or decrease your stay.
  • Change the type of parking – eg. if you’ve decided you want to park in an under-cover parking space instead of an outdoor one, or vice versa, change from shuttle service to M&G valet service or vice versa.

From your account you can also click on your amended booking confirmation in case you’ve lost it, or if you want an updated version after having made changes.

If the changes you want to make to your booking are not permitted, this means that the car park cannot accommodate what you have requested. This could be for one of the following reasons:

You may be asking the car park to accommodate your booking in less than 2 hours.

Modifying your booking may increase or decrease the price of parking/services, and this will be automatically updated when the new information is in putted and confirmed. An increase in price may require you to pay a little more deposit in order to validate the modification, whilst a decrease will mean an automatic refund onto the card which you used when you made the booking. If you did not pay anything upfront, the price change will simply modify the amount owed when you arrive at the car park of Europarking.

Certain information cannot be modified through your account, such as car registration details, so please send us an email or call us so that we can update your booking for you within office hours. If you need to make a last minute amendment and our offices are closed, you are advised to contact the car park directly on the numbers provided with your booking confirmation.

How do I cancel my booking?

Send us a simple email with your booking reference number in it. It is free!

Where is the car park and how do I get there?

Go to the tab LOCATION on our website and find your map and directions. you can also find us on Google Maps. Type in Europarking Alicante and you will get the directions..

How do I get to and from the airport/station?

Transfer service is dependent on each individual car park booking via the following options:

  • Shuttle transfer to and from the airport – this is included in the price.
  • Meet & Greet service at the airport( valet parking) – this is included in the price as long as you choose for Meet & Greet.
  • Please note that we can offer both of these services combined at the same price and  only with an extra charge as the annual contract exceeds the 12 return shuttles or Meet & Greet’s. The shuttle bus transfer is normally included in the price. Exceeding more than 12 return shuttles we charge 16,50€ additional cost for 1 return shuttle, the price will be calculated automatically when you choose your transfer option on the booking form. The 12 return Meet & Greet’s are included in the annual price of 350€. In case you will need more M&G’s services the additional costs will be 20,00€ per M&G.

Shuttle service– You go straight to the car park, leave your car, and then the shuttle bus will take you to the airport. There is no timetable. The shuttle bus operates ‘on demand’, in which case you will just need to provide your estimated arrival time at the car park and keep the operator informed of any changes. You should keep your booking voucher with you for the return so that you can call the driver of the shuttle bus upon arrival. Please give us just a call once you have collected your luggage in order to send the shuttle bus to pick you up.

Meet & Greet Service– Meet & Greet Service is becoming more and more popular as a way of getting to the airport and our car park actually operate this transfer service exclusively. You will need to provide times for the car park to meet you at the airport and you will be sent the phone number for the driver with your booking confirmation via email. Please give us a call 10-15 minutes before you get to the meeting point to confirm your vehicle drop-off, and then again once you have picked up your luggage to have your vehicle brought back to you.

What is the Meet & Greet service and how does it work?
Meet and Greet Service is becoming more and more popular as a way of getting to the airport. It saves you the time and stress of looking for a car park and taking a shuttle bus, and although often thought of as a luxury, you may in fact find that in some cases it is the cheaper option. Either way, it means that our driver/representative will pick your car up from the airport when you arrive there and return it back to you when you land.

You will be sent the phone number for the driver with your booking confirmation via email. You will normally need to call 10-15 minutes before you get to the airport/station to confirm your vehicle drop-off time, and then again once you have picked up your luggage to have your vehicle brought back to you.

Where is your meeting point on Alicante Airport for Meet & Greet services?

At the end of the middle (parking) lane in front of the departure hall (“Salidas”) of Alicante Airport. We will take over your car from you there and park it in our Europarking Alicante Airport carpark. If you have arrived after your journey we will bring back your car at the same place.

Can I reserve a parking space for several weeks/months?

You can reserve from 1 day or part of a day until 1 year!

How do I know if the car park staff will speak your language?

We speak Dutch, German, English and Spanish.

Can I only insert one arrival or departure date and time at one time in the long term page?

You can enter multiple data simultaneously. After filling in a date and time, you must first click on the confirmation button. Then you can enter a new date and time etc etc.

Could my log in details for logging in on the long-term page be changed?

The user name and booking reference number for a signed contract can not be changed. The password can be changed.

A contract number is the same as a booking reference number?

No, that’s not the same. A contract number is a car key number for our records. A booking reference number is linked to a contract and is used to log into your account. A booking reference number changes when a contract is renewed.