The Terms and Conditions printed on our contract forms and short term tickets are valid at the time of printing, for our up to date Terms and Conditions please see below.

Obligations of EuroParking

Whilst your Vehicle is parked within our parking facility, your vehicle will be insured under EuroParking insurance (details available upon request). Europarking Alicante are unable to take any responsibility and are not liable for any damage caused to your vehicle that does not occur, accidentally, directly at our parking site. Any minor damage that is not reported immediately upon collection of your vehicle to the value of €300 we will not be responsible for unless our findings prove that it occurred whilst your car was in our care.

disclaimer: Europarking Alicante cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost car covers.

EuroParking is not obliged to take responsibility for any damages or theft of accessories and items that are not fixed to the vehicle. This includes:-

  • Theft of car Radio/ CD Cover / Front panel
  • Theft of Mobile phones / Navigation equipment
  • Theft of Vehicle Documents or identity documents
  • Theft of personal belongings such as items of clothes, bags, or any other objects that clients have left in the vehicle like (sun) glasses or money/coins
  • EuroParking only require the vehicle key. We are not responsible for any other keys or keyrings attached

EuroParking are not responsible for damage caused by wear and tear, damage occurred outside of EuroParking ́s facilities, mechanical faults, battery discharge, glass damage or stone chips.

EuroParking will jump start vehicles and charge batteries if necessary but are not responsible if further faults occur due to this. If the client does not want their vehicle jump started this has to be requested in writing before drop off.

Other services

At the customer’s request, EUROPARKING can manage a repair service for the vehicle through a trusted repair shop, and manage the revision in an ITV center, as well as the necessary repairs in the event that the inspection is unfavorable.

The expenses of these procedures will be paid apart from the price of the deposit, according to agreement.

The price of repairs in the workshop must be agreed according to the budget, and will be paid directly to the workshop.

EUROPARKING is not responsible for the result of the repairs.

Obligations of the User

  • It is the client’s responsibility to remove items and accessories that are not fixed, such as Radio panels, mobile phones, Nav tech equipment bags etc.
  • The client must ensure that the vehicle is dropped off at the designated time agreed by both the client and EuroParking. If the client fails to drop off their vehicle at the designated time, this may result in the client having to pay additional costs.
  • The client must notify EuroParking within 48 hours of any extension to their original booking.
  • The client is liable for any extra days over and above their original booking and must pay upon collection of their vehicle
  • The client must provide EuroParking with the vehicle key. EuroParking only require the vehicle key. We are not responsible for any other key or keyrings attached. If other keys/key rings are given the staff of EuroParking may remove them and place them in the client’s vehicle.
  • The client must provide EuroParking with all the relevant paperwork for the vehicle, including Car Registration Documents, Insurance Policy with receipt of payment and a valid ITV certificate. Without this paperwork, EuroParking will not be held responsible for any fines or additional costs. EuroParking is not responsible for loss or theft of vehicle documents.
  • We will deliver the client ́s car to the allocated collection point (Meet & Greet contract holders only), therefore it is the client’s responsibility to maintain the vehicle insurance and ITV in date (Note: EuroParking can carry out the ITV for clients when requested).
  • When a EuroParking member of staff is driving your vehicle, by law, the vehicle is covered under the vehicle’s personal insurance and the owner of the vehicle is liable for any claims. The insurance of EuroParking does not cover the vehicle outside of EuroParking ́s facilities, nor does it cover the damages the vehicle may cause to other vehicles, people or objects.
  • The client will be solely responsible to both EuroParking and to any other clients for any legal costs and damages caused by their incompetence while driving their vehicle within the premises of EuroParking.
  • If the client is not the owner of the vehicle, any legal costs and damages that may occur will remain the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle (unless the damages occurred whilst a representative of EuroParking was in charge of the vehicle inside of the parking facilities, outside of the parking facilities EuroParking staff are covered under the client’s vehicle insurance)
  • The client must have a spare key or key code in the event of original being lost.
  • If your damage document is not in your car we are not liable for any damage, this applies to contract clients.
  • All vehicles must have a valid ITV, in date tax and insurance whilst in the care of EuroParking,
  • Foreign vehicle´s must have the equivalent to an ITV in date and the vehicle must be taxed whilst in the care of Europarking.

Parking Holders Rights

The owner of the car parking facilities (EuroParking) has the right of retention of the vehicle as security for any pending payment due to EuroParking in accordance with the Law regulating vehicle parking contracts (LAW 40/2002 of November 14 of 2002).

Non-payment of 24 monthly rents will mean that the customer abandons the vehicle, and EUROPARKING is authorized, by means of this clause in such a case, to remove it from its facilities, freely dispose of it and even process its scrapping, regardless of your right to claim unpaid monthly payments.

Bookings After 01:00 AM and Early Morning:

Meet & Greet bookings (Drop-Offs) before 6:00 AM (Early Birds) will be charged a minimum of €20.00 (per booking). Meet & Greet bookings (Pick-Ups) after 01:00 AM in the night are standardly carried out with our Shuttlebus.

Cancellation and Refund

  • For all car park bookings, EuroParking must be informed of a cancellation in writing or by phoning enquires 0034 965040315 or 0034 615374404. Cancellations received with a minimum of 48 hours of arrival at EuroParking will receive a refund less a 5€ cancellation charge.
  • EuroParking reserves the right to cancel or restrict bookings. All services are subject to availability.
  • Clients have the right to cancel contracts within 15 days from the date commenced and will receive a full refund less the number of days parked with EuroParking and a 5€ cancellation charge. No refund will be given if any contract is cancelled after 15 days.


  • 10€ late fee will be charged within time frame of 24hrs prior to arrival or departure of client and 20€ will be charged when client arrives or departs unannounced at departures or our premises.
  • All parking fees have to be paid at the start of each contract.
  • Other services can be paid on an agreed date with EuroParking.


Europarking Alicante cannot be held responsible or liable for any form of exterior damage to the car, or for any presumed excess mileage or loss of fuel by the customer, without evidence provided by the customer in the form of digital photos with date and time of odometer reading, fuel levels, and/or (lack of) exterior damages to the car at the time of pickup. Also, any presumed absence of belongings in the car upon delivery to the customer by Europarking Alicante can never be considered without prior evidence in the form of digital photos (with date and time of the car’s delivery by the customer).

  • Car claims cannot be considered unless reported prior to departure from the car park or prior to collection
  • No liability is accepted for loss or damage, unless proved to be through the negligence of EuroParking.
  • No liability for any damage is accepted when client does not carry and fulfilled the confirmation form at drop off which Europarking sent to client on email.
  • EuroParking are not liable to provide car hire in the event of theft or damage to client’s cars.
  • EuroParking ́s insurance will not cover any car that has an expired contract.
  • If a member of staff has an accident on the road, EuroParking will only pay up to 300€ of excess.
  • If a client’s car is not road worthy or has a fault which causes any accident Euro Parking will not be liable.
  • EuroParking do not carry out damage inspections of the inside of a car, therefore EuroParking are not liable for any internal objects.
  • EuroParking is not liable for any damage to glass or glass of outside mirrors or tyres.
  • EuroParking do not cover for any damage that may be caused by rodents or other animals.


Acts of God

Acts of God are taken to include, any circumstances beyond the control of EuroParking whose nature is such that compliance with the agreement cannot be reasonably asked of EuroParking (non culpable defects in compliance). Acts of God are also taken to include: war, riots and hostilities of whatever nature, blockades, boycotts, natural disasters, epidemics, shortage of basic materials, impediments and disruption of transport, breakdowns in our company, import and export restrictions or prohibitions, hindrance resulting from measures, legislation or decrees issued by international, national and regional (government) authorities. If EuroParking is unable to fulfil its duty to release, or cannot do this adequately or in good time due to Acts of God, EuroParking is entitled to consider the agreement or the part thereof that has not been fulfilled, as being annulled, or to suspend it for a specified or indefinite period, with EuroParking being able to choose which. The Client is not entitled to compensation from EuroParking in cases of Acts of God .


  • Any payment information given to EuroParking will only be used by EuroParking, and will not be distributed to any other organisation under any circumstance
  • Our NIE number is x4783094Z
  • These Terms and Conditions do not affect your Statutory Rights as a consumer.